Debenu PDF Viewer SDK Beta 2: An ActiveX Control for Displaying PDF Files

We’re really excited to announce the second beta release of Debenu PDF Viewer SDK, a new visual PDF viewer ActiveX control, which will be sold as an add-on to Debenu Quick PDF Library 10.

Debenu PDF Viewer SDK will be provided as an ActiveX control which can be used to quickly add PDF viewing capabilities to Windows applications. While users of Debenu Quick PDF Library have always been able to construct their own PDF viewers using the rendering functions, we’ve had many requests for a more simpler solution that could be quickly added to an application in minutes and due to popular demand, we’ve decided to do it.

For now the PDF viewer control contains simple zooming, page scrolling and page flipping features. It will of course be enhanced further with each beta release based on the feedback that you give us and the desire you express for certain features.


  1. First step is to download the Debenu PDF Viewer SDK Beta 2 installer.
  2. Installer the files to desired location (default is Program Files).
  3. The ActiveX will automatically register (regsvr32) during the installation process.
  4. By default the files are installed to this location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Debenu\PDF Viewer Control
  5. There will be three binaries in the folder: DPVActiveX.ocx (the ActiveX control), DebenuPDFRendererDLL1013.dll (the rendering engine), DebenuPDFLibraryDLL1013.dll (the core PDF library).
  6. In the Samples folder there is a Delphi and Visual C# sample.
  7. Copy the DebenuPDFRendererDLL1013.dll and DebenuPDFLibraryDLL1013.dll so that they are in the same folder as the generated executable in Release or Debug folders or update the LibraryPath property of the ActiveX control to point to the correct location.

Note: if you do not specify the LibraryPath or copy the DLLs to the same folder as the executable then the DPVActiveX Component will be unable to find Debenu Quick PDF Library and no PDF files will be displayed.


We want your feedback. In order to help us prioritize in which order features are added we need to hear fro you as to which features you want! So please, leave a comment with your feedback and lets start the conversation.

3 thoughts on “Debenu PDF Viewer SDK Beta 2: An ActiveX Control for Displaying PDF Files

  1. Gueipin Xi

    Fantastic! Very excited about this beta. Here is my wish list:
    1. Print method
    2. View mode: whole page, actual page, fit width, in addition to zoom in/out in %
    3. Rotate: flip 180, clockwise/counterclockwise 90 degree
    4. Thumbnails and bookmark display and selection
    5. Search text and display in a separate window
    6. Open file from memory stream
    7. If allow editing, add save file function
    8. Convert to images
    That’s it for now. Thanks for the great work your guys are doing!

  2. Zarko Gajic

    Hi, great work! I’m adding +2 for the following requests made by “Gluepin Xi”: View mode, Rotate, LoadFromStream.

    I would also add to the wish list:
    1. GoToPage()
    2. GetCurrentPage
    3. Functional GoTo and GoToR links with events (destination info)

  3. Rowan

    Hi Gueipin,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    We’re about to release an updated version of Debenu PDF Viewer SDK which will include the ability to access the Debenu Quick PDF Library API directly from the Viewer SDK control which will allow you to easily print, rotate and convert to image. The other features you have mentioned we will gradually add with each release. We’re going to continue to update the PDF Viewer SDK based on customer feedbacks so if a certain feature is of higher priority than other features please let us know.

    – Rowan.

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